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Public Works


Address: 111 North Washington Avenue Brownsville TN

Email: [email protected]

The Department of Public Works delivers a wide range of services that help define the quality of life for the citizens of Brownsville. Our employees work to help meet the health, safety and welfare needs of the community.

This department consists of:

  • Street – Maintain streets and sidewalks
  • Storm Water Maintenance Program
  • Sanitation – Behind house pick up twice a week
  • City Beautiful – Maintain our botanical park and historic downtown
  • Cemetery – Maintenance
  • Recycle Program
  • Leaf Pickup – Oct 1st – March 31st

Some of the above services require requests be made to City Hall.

Household Garbage Pick-up Guidelines

Click here to view garbage pickup schedule

  • Each owner, occupant or renter shall provide adequate (one or more) legally authorized refuse containers (garbage cans with tops).
  • Each legally authorized garbage can with top shall have a capacity of not less than 20 gallons or more than 32 gallons.
  • The refuse containers shall be strong, durable and rodent and insect proof.
  • Each garbage can must be covered with top at all times to keep out flies, roaches, vermin, insect vectors, mice, rats and other animals, such as dogs and cats.
  • All types of household food stuff and food products, such as meats, eggs, beans, corn, uneaten food, table scraps, as well as dirty soiled baby diapers, must be placed in a plastic bag and tied securely before placing in garbage can.
  • No refuse, garbage or any other matter shall be placed in the garbage can until the can has been drained of all liquid matter (rainwater, etc.).
  • No plastic bags of garbage outside of cans will be picked up.
  • No garbage will be picked up that has been placed in a large plastic or metal barrel – 40 -55 gallon. They are illegal for garbage cans.
Garbage Pick-up Schedule (Brownsville Municipal Code Section 17-103)

Click here for the Garbage pick-up Schedule.

Curb Side Pick Up (City of Brownsville Ordinance #651)

The City provides scheduled curbside pickup of items in order to control storm water runoff and keep our City clean. The Public Works Department runs a monthly schedule for this pickup, based on the Ward you live in. For a Ward map, click here. The following schedule is in effect:

  • Ward 1 – first week of the month
  • Ward 2 – second week of the month
  • Ward 3 – third week of the month
  • Ward 4 – fourth week of the month

Click here to view ward map

Items placed curbside by Tuesday of the week will be picked up by Friday. City Ordinance #651 sets forth the requirements on how materials should be prepared for curbside pickup.

  • GRASS & MOWER CLIPPINGS: Clippings must be bagged at all times before being placed for pickup. Clippings which are blown in the street must be swept up and bagged.
  • LEAVES: Leaves can be placed curbside unbagged from October 1st through March 31st. All leaves must be bagged for pickup from April 1st through September 20th.
  • BRUSH & LIMBS: Brush/limbs must be placed at the curb separate from all other materials. Brush/limbs must be no longer than eight (8) feet in length and twelve (12) inches in diameter. Removal of larger brush and limbs and excessive piles is your responsibility.


Curbside pickup is for individual pickup of PERSONAL property and debris. NO debris generated by commercial or professional services (i.e., landscaping, tree trimming, mowing services, etc.) will be picked up – no exceptions! The City does not pick up bricks, concrete items, vehicle parts, trees, or any individual or contractor construction waste.

Please do not put your curbside trash in the street or on the sidewalk. Place it on your property next to the street or sidewalk, to avoid clogging the storm drains, blocking traffic, or creating unsafe conditions for our citizens.

Recycling Program

The City of Brownsville provides a recycling program to the citizens of Brownsville. Blue recycle bags can be picked up at City Hall during office hours. Each household is allowed one roll of bags per month. Place the following items in these bags:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic containers

Then place the bags at curbside for pickup on your regular garbage day.

Stormwater Regulations

The City of Brownsville strives to keep our Stormwater as clean and free of contaminates as possible. The city and county have made tremendous efforts over the last 25 years to clean up local natural water sources by controlling pollution from industries and sewage treatment plants. The current greatest source of water pollution is nonpoint sources. Nonpoint sources (NPS) of water pollution are caused by rainfall, snowmelt or irrigation moving over and through the ground. As the runoff moves, it picks up and carries away natural pollutants resulting from human activity, finally depositing them into lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters and groundwater. NPS pollution is associated with land management practices involving agriculture, mining and urban runoff. The most common NPS pollutants are sediment and nutrients. Other common NPS pollutants include pesticide, pathogens, salts, oil, grease, toxic chemicals and excess fertilizer.

Brownsville protects its groundwater by striving to keep its streets as clean and litter-free as possible. Public Works employees do this with a street sweeper and knuckleboom that pick up limbs, trash and debris. City crews also regularly check and clean the grates for storm sewers. We also have a program for curbside leaf collection. These services, that make Brownsville a unique and resident-friendly place to live, also serve to keep pollutants from our groundwater. The city’s building department also closely monitors construction sites. They ensure that sufficient silt fencing is present to prevent silt from running down streets and gutters into the storm drains.

The City of Brownsville has set up a hotline that you can call if you see any illegal dumping or have any concerns about Stormwater runoff. Please call 731-772-1218.

For information on Stormwater issues, please contact Jerry McClinton, 111 North Washington Avenue, City Hall, Brownsville, TN 38012, 731-772-1212.

How can YOU help protect your water?

Clean water begins at home…

Did you know that water from storms picks up pollutants and transports them through city Stormwater drains? This runoff is then deposited in area streams. Typical runoff pollutants in suburban areas are:

  • Household chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Yard Waste
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Trash
  • Grease
  • Salt and sand
  • Auto Products
  • Excess nutrients (from lawn fertilizers and pet waste)

To help keep our waters safe you can:

  • Never dump anything down storm drains
  • Check vehicles for leaks
  • Recycle used motor oil
  • Pick up after your pet
  • Minimize pesticides
  • Wash cars on grass instead of the street or even better, take them to a carwash
  • Follow directions on fertilizer labels
  • Plant grass or plants on the bare spots in your lawn
  • Compost your yard waste
  • Sweep up driveways and sidewalks, do not sweep into the street
  • Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces