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    “To Protect and Serve” daily the men and women of the Brownsville Police Department come to a high risk environment to do their part in keeping humanity safe from crime and drugs.  Our community is not any different than others as it pertains to crime.  At some point, whether directly or indirectly, anyone can become affected by an incident of crime.  When I became Mayor it became a priority that after each officer is sworn in they must take an oath to the City as well to become more acquainted with the constituents that they serve, become more community orientated, to be fair, and to make sure that they can all arrive home safe at the end of each shift.  The Brownsville Police Department has implemented programs that will benefit our community tremendously.  We applaud Chief Diebold and Assistant Chief Evans and the entire staff in doing their part to protect and serve the constituents of Brownsville.  The following is a candid look at some of the strides the department has made in increasing their presence in our community to curb the crime.

    Raids Online, is a Mapping system that maps all of the Crime in Brownsville, it will benefit the public by giving them real time information as to what crime has happened and where.  If someone witnessed a crime they could report an anonymous tip through the system.  You can download the app to your tablet and your phone.  Access online at

    Crime Stoppers, is an anonymous (you will NOT have to testify for the information that is given) tip line where people can call and give information; if there is an arrest made from the information provided you will be rewarded a cash award, monetary value various. 731-772-CASH it is answered through central dispatch and a code is given for the call.
    Cameras, each officer is equipped with their own dash camera as well as body camera for their protection as well as the protection of those that they encounter.  The department was just awarded another round of funding to purchase all new body cameras.

    K9 Unit, consist of Officer Chandler and Officer Troll.  Officer Troll is trained in sniffing out narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, and meth.  He has been a valuable asset to our department which has prompted plenty of narcotics arrest.  We do allow Troll to assist other counties as needed.

    House Watch, if you are planning to be on vacation or out of town for an extended period of time you may call or come in to fill out a form.  On this form you must key valuables that will be left on the premises (i.e. Car, boat, lawn mower, etc), as well as indicate who is allowed to be on the property while you are away.  Each patrol shift will have a copy of this form and will monitor the property.

    Curfew for minors, if you are a youth under the age of 18 years old and not accompanied by an adult you will be asked to disperse from your current location and return to your home.  If the youth is non compliant they will be issued a warning initially, however, if future offenses occur it will result in contacting your parents directly.

    Canvassing, Officers and Investigators will come visit the neighbors throughout the neighborhood where a violent crime has taken place to see if they can collect any additional evidence or witnesses that will lead in closing open cases.  This is an opportunity for witnesses to provide detailed information in a confidential setting.

    Citizens Academy is a 6 week training program that is designed for the public where they can come into a classroom like setting and gain more information regarding law enforcement.  They will learn finger print techniques, criminal law, shooting simulator, traffic stop, and train in the distracted driving simulator (which was purchased through the Governor’s Highway Safety Office Grant.  It is used all across West TN at various schools.  The goal is to teach youth to not text, talk, etc. while driving.). If anyone is interested in registering for the summer session please contact Assistant Police Chief Kelvin Evans at 731-772-1260.

    SUV’s, have been issued to the shift lieutenants as well as the Chief of Police.  They were purchased due to the durability, low maintenance, and they were already equipped with the police package that includes better suspension.
    D.A.R.E., Drug Abuse Resistance Education the purpose is to empower children to lead a safe and healthy life.  Taught by Officer Arview and is located at East Elementary.

    Community Policing, purpose is to build a relation between law enforcement and the community.  It gives an opportunity.  While on routine patrol officers will exit their vehicles and go into the community and talk to the citizens to see what the needs are for that community, see if there is any information that they would like to volunteer.  The information is then given to the administration to help determine a solution for the problem.   The Police department will host a Community Cookout located at Summer Oaks during Summer 2016.

    For more information regarding this event or anything else you might be interested in receiving more information about please follow the City of Brownville Police Department on Facebook Brownsville Police or at the City’s Website  731-772-1260.

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Brownsville City Board

Bill RawlsMayor

Mayor William “Bill” Rawls, Jr. is a businessman born and raised in Brownsville, Tennessee, currently serving his first term in the office. He was elected in 2014.
[email protected]
or 731-432-1796.

Leon KingVice Mayor Ward 1

Alderman Leon King is a former Tennessee Highway Patrol officer who now represents Ward 1.

Carolyn FlaggAlderman Ward 2

Alderman Flagg is a notable activist in the community who represents Ward 2, and spearheads the organization of Brownsville’s Relay for Life efforts.

John SimmonsAlderman Ward 3

Alderman Simmons is an expert in the energy industry who represents Ward 3.

Travis PughAlderman Ward 4

Alderman Pugh, who represents Ward 4, is a community leader and Minister at St. James COGIC – Stanton.

City of Brownsville Ward Map

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