City of Brownsville Opens First Police Substation to Combat Violence

BROWNSVILLE (April 9, 2015)—City leaders will join forces on Thursday, April 9 to unveil Brownsville’s first police substation in an open house ceremony. The goal is to combat violence in North Brownsville, by providing more police visibility. The substation is located in the North Brownsville in Summer Oaks.

The substation’s opening is part of Mayor Bill Rawls’ ‘Save Our Streets’ (S.O.S) initiative that kicked off in February.

S.O.S is an anti-violence initiative that seeks to combat violence in the city, promote community involvement in the fight against crime, and encourage a collaborative relationship between residents and law enforcement.

This is the first time the city of Brownsville has opened a police substation.

WHAT: Police Substation Open House

WHEN: Thursday, April 9, 10 am-11 am

WHERE: 205 Summer Oaks, Brownsville TN

WHY: To unveil the city’s new substation

For More Information Contact Communications Consultant, Erica Williams: 202.246.1153