Eclipse and Wingtips – witness a near-total Solar Eclipse in Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE TN (March 22, 2024): Join the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center for an unforgettable celestial event as a near-total solar eclipse darkens the skies above Brownsville, Tennessee, on Monday, April 8, 2024. The Center will host a watch party beginning at 12:30 p.m. and will feature a special educational program and music.

Wildlife Biologist and Hatchie River Conservancy Director Bob Ford will present a special program exploring why birds and animals react to a mid-day “sunset” and singer/songwriter Tony Manard will share nature-inspired music during Eclipse and Wingtips, a Solar Eclipse watch party, Monday, April 8, at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville TN.

While the total eclipse path cuts across other parts of North America, Brownsville will experience an incredible partial eclipse reaching nearly 97% totality. Witness the sun dramatically diminish, creating a breathtaking natural phenomenon. A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun. The sky will darken as if it were dawn or dusk.

The partial eclipse will begin in Brownsville at approximately 12:39 pm and continue until 3:16 pm. The peak of the eclipse, when maximum coverage of the sun occurs, will be between 1:58 -1:59 pm.

It is important to note that looking directly at the sun during a solar eclipse can cause permanent eye damage. Special glasses are required for safe viewing and attendees will be provided solar eclipse glasses to safely view the event while supplies last.

What do the birds and animals around us think about a mid-day “sunset”? It’s well documented that birds essentially go to roost, they became quiet. Other wildlife do the same. The moments before and after an eclipse are like sunrise and sunset. Come find out how and why this affects wildlife with a fun and informative talk led by wildlife biologist and Hatchie River Conservancy Director Bob Ford.

Singer songwriter Tony Manard has spent the last two years “living in the woods and writing animal songs.” The Solar Eclipse offers the perfect opportunity for him to share his songs and stories of how nature inspires his music. Enjoy his music and lunch from our onsite food truck.

There is no admission for this event. Bring your lawn chairs and/or blankets and settle in for an afternoon of education, music and an astronomical wonder. Weather permitting, the event promises a spectacular view for residents and visitors alike. The Tina Turner Museum, Sleepy John Estes home and museums of the Delta Heritage Center will also be open for attendees to enjoy.

For more information, please contact the Center at 731-779-9000 or [email protected].