Mayor William D.Rawls, Jr.

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Mayor Rawls is a proud 1989 graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA where he received his B.A. degree with a concentration in Banking and Finance. He is a businessman born and raised in Brownsville, TN graduating High School in 1984. He also honorably served in the United States Army Reserves for eight years.

Mayor Rawls is currently the President of The West TN Mayors Association and graduate of Leadership TN Class V. He recently received the Be More Visionary Award from UT Extension for implementation of Healthy Moves. He is also a graduate of the 2015-2016 Delta Regional Leadership Institute Executive Academy. Mayor Rawls currently serves on several boards: United Way Board of West TN; Memphis Regional Mega Site; Rotary Club.

Mr. Rawls is also the proud father of two sons, Terry and Evan Rawls.

Looking ahead to 2020

By Mayor William Rawls

As we turn our calendars to a New Year, we must also turn our prospective towards a unified 2020 vision; a continued focus on our greatest assets, the people that live in Brownsville, Tenn. However, before we move forward; let’s look back at this year’s accomplishments as well as plans for continuous growth and prosperity.

  • The Brownsville Fire Department partnering with American Red Cross to install over 200 smoke detectors.
  • The completion of the Farmer’s Market Pavilion
  • The stage completion at the Delta Heritage Center.
  • Dedication of Heritage Park
  • Installing of the LED street lights throughout the city
  • The opening of Jacks and the employment of 50 new jobs
  • Domestic Violence Officer and Court
  • Safe Hope Center
  • No longer a distressed county, still are at risk county

During the coming year, we will complete the following activities:

  • Dog Park
  • Walking Trail
  • Paving of East Main Street
  • West Main Multimodal Street scape
  • Continue Development of I-40 Advantage
  • Rail Service Access Study
  • Safe Route to Schools (Grand Avenue)
  • Strategic Plan for Tourism
  • CBBG Housing Rehab.
  • ADA Transition Plan
  • Evaluation and Replacing ageing equipment in Solid Waste Department
  • Retaining and Recruitment of retail and industrial manufacturers
  • Growing a skilled workforce trough CRC testing and maintaining our Work Ready Community

My unified vision for 2020 does not stop with the city. It includes the county, the faith-based community, the non-profit agencies and the educators; all unified for a clear vision of prosperity and an opportunity to build a healthier community. Also, in 2020, we strive to partner with different organizations to further become a prosperity community (USDA), an age friendly community (AARP) and an early learning nation (National League of Cities).

In closing, I would like to thank you and the employees of the City of Brownsville for your continuous support. Happy New Year and God Bless.