Mayor William D.Rawls, Jr.

Mayor William D. Rawls, Jr. is devoted to improving the overall quality of life for every man, woman and child, residing in Brownsville, Tn. His passion to provide solutions to various issues facing today’s society can be seen, as well as felt, through the many opportunities that have been afforded to this city through his leadership.

Mayor Rawls is a proud 1989 graduate of Morehouse College and the 2015-2016 Delta Regional Leadership Institute Executive Academy; a graduate of The Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership Institute for Public Service; completed the Authentic Leadership: Delta Leadership Institute with Harvard Kennedy School. He currently serves as chairman of the United Way Board of Directors, past President of West Tn. Mayors Association, and the Leadership TN. Class V. , Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian, Master of Arts from the school of Leadership & Public Service of Lipscomb University. In 2023, he was appointed to the Tn Veterans Home Board of directors by Governor Bill Lee.

Mayor Rawls wealth of knowledge in regard to budget and finance, and has built a vast network of grants that allow the city to move forward and remain financially sound. This allows essential decisions to be made regarding education, health, & wellness and industrial development that directly translate into the continued growth and flourishing of the city and its citizens. As a result, several initiatives have been created and successfully implemented. The “Health Moves” initiative provides quarterly mini-wellness clinics free preventative health screenings for the entire community. He received the Be More Visionary award from the UT Extension for the implementation of Healthy Moves. Along with health, education remains to be a priority through the continued support of the EEOG (Equal Education Opportunity Group), The “Skills to Build” is another successful program that was developed to be utilized as a mechanism towards workforce development.

Mayor Rawls continuously strives to create unity for the entire community of Brownsville. He strongly believes that “synergy” is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity to the future. To back his belief, he formed the “Unity Breakfast” which consists of ministers, churches and leaders to help in connecting the community beyond differentiation. Mr. Rawls is also the proud father of two sons, Terry and Evan Rawls

Crystal Matthews

Crystal Matthews serves as the Mayor’s Assistant and Community Development Liaison for the City of Brownsville. In this role, Crystal is responsible for fostering collaboration and communication between the city government and the local community, helping to ensure that the needs of the residents are met effectively. As a liaison, she coordinates various outreach programs, engages with community leaders, and advocates for policies that promote the overall well-being of the city.

In addition to her role as a liaison, Crystal also functions as a Grant Administrator, overseeing the procurement and management of grants for various city initiatives. This involves researching available grants, preparing applications, and ensuring compliance with grant requirements. Crystal plays a key role in securing funding that supports community development projects, infrastructure improvements, and social programs aimed at enhancing the quality of life for Brownsville residents.

Crystal’s dedication to community development and her ability to navigate the complex landscape of grants and funding make her an invaluable resource to both the city government and the local community. Crystal serves on the Human Relations Council, Brownsville Arts Council, and a graduated of Leadership Haywood 2022.