Brownsville Police Department

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Brownsville Police Department is to provide the citizens within our community a safe community free of crime, and the fear of crime, and continually work to enhance the quality of life, through professionalism, trust, communication, and team work.

A high standard of professionalism, which begins with a dedication to friendly service through the empowerment of competent, well trained employees, and our demonstrated integrity, which will provide a role model for our community.

A high level of trust between our community and our department, by being accountable for our actions, acting reliable and responsible, we will strive to promote a relationship with the community that is sincere, honest, and ethical.

We will use effective communication through listening and understanding, with care and compassion, to the diversity of our community and our organization. By maintaining and projecting an approachable, open-minded attitude and respecting appropriate confidentiality, we will ensure open two-way communication.

The effectiveness of teamwork through flexibility, support, competent leadership, fairness, and respect for cultural diversities, we will cooperate in an atmosphere of interdependency with our community in achieving our common goals.

Kelvin Evans, Chief of Police

Police Administrative Staff

The administrative offices of the Brownsville Police Department can be contacted from 8:00 to 4:30, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays, located at 111 N. Washington Ave. or by phone (731) 772-1260.

  • Kelvin Evans, Chief of Police
  • Jason Haynes, Assistant Chief of Police
  • Lt. Patrick Black, Training Officer
  • Patrol Lt. Mark Covington, Records Clerk/Evidence Custodian
  • t;Lt. Joel Parker, CID Lt.
  • Lt. Brad Davis, Evidence Custodian
  • Judy Mouser, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police
  • Jody Bunney, Records/Fleet Clerk
  • Carolyn Joyner, Records Clerk

Jason Haynes

Judy Mouser

Lt. Patrick Black

Carolyn Joyner

Child Safety Seat Laws

Beginning July 1, state law is changing how children must be restrained in car safety seats. The Brownsville Police Department is advising parents, grandparents and other caregivers of the changes, especially those affecting older children, so they can prepare for compliance.

Brownsville Police and have conducted child safety seat inspections for several years now. The check up program has focused on proper installation of the seats. The police are now working to alert the public to the new laws aimed at better protecting all youngsters when they travel in a motor vehicle.

  • Any child under age 1 (even if he or she weighs more than 20 pounds) or any child weighing 20 pounds or less must be in a rear-facing child restraint, in the rear seat if available. Current law allows the child to face forward.
  • Any child ages 1 through 3 years who weighs 20 pounds or more has to be transported in a forward-facing child restraint seat, in the rear seat if available. Currently, the child seat can be placed in the front seat.
    Any child 4 through 8 years who is less than 4? 9? tall must be in a belt-positioning booster seat, in the rear seat if available.
  • Children ages 9 through 12 years must use a seat belt system. It is recommended that they ride in the back seat if available.
  • Youth ages 13 through 15 years must use a passenger restraint system.
  • Provision is made for the transportation of children in medically prescribed modified child restraints.
  • The driver of the car is responsible for making sure that children under age 16 are properly restrained and may be charged and fined $50 for violation of the law. If the child’s parent or legal guardian is present in the car but not driving, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for making sure that the child is properly transported and may be fined for non-compliance.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers information about child safety seats, seat recalls and installation at its website Also, visit

Investigations Division

The Investigation Division of the Brownsville Police Department is headed by Lt. Patrick Black. Members of the unit are:

  • Sergeant Frank Amato
  • Sergeant Joel Parker
  • Sergeant Roy Turner, Narcotics Officer

The function of the Investigation Division is to investigate all major crimes. We handle burglary cases to murder cases unlike some departments that have detectives who specialize in given crimes. We work the crime scenes thru the investigation and into court. After patrol personnel take the initial report, the Lieutenant reviews the reports and assigns them to investigators.

All investigators are highly schooled in such areas as death investigations, crime scenes, fingerprints, evidence handling, sex crimes, forensics, court presentations, surveillance, interviewing, etc…

Each investigator came from within the police department after having spent several years on patrol. They were promoted thru experience and ability.

The Violent Crimes Response Team is a new unit within the department. It is comprised of members of Investigations and Patrol. Members of the unit are assigned to a major violent crime and assist with its investigation.

Vision Haywood County

“Want to support Law Enforcement in Haywood County?”

Vision Haywood County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is prepared to accept your donations.

Donate to Vision Haywood County and designate your funds to Haywood County Sheriff’s Office or Brownsville Police Department. The funds will be used to buy vehicles, equipment, and other law enforcement related needs and supplies.

Point of contact:
Bill Lea, 112 South Washington, 731-772-2666.

We thank you.

Barry Diebold
Chief of Police


  • Emergency Calls: 911
  • Calls for Service: (731) 772-1215
  • Administration: (731) 772-1260

The Police Department is located at
118 North Lafayette Ave.
Brownsville, Tennessee 38012

The Police Department is open for general administrative business 8 a.m. thru 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday (excluding most holidays). Of course law enforcement activities are ongoing 24 hours a day, 365 days a day. If you are in need of assistance after hours, please call 731-772-1215.

You may pick up copy of reports during general business hours in the Records Department. For mailed copies of reports, please call and request.

If it is an emergency then dial 911, otherwise contact the department on one of our other lines and you can talk with an officer on the phone or ask that one be sent to your location.

If you only have a question regarding these or like problems and there is no dispute / confrontation you would need to contact an attorney for the best answer. If you need the police to settle or prevent a problem (in the city) call 731-772-1215 or 731-772-1260 – If it is an emergency dial 911.