The first day of summer is steadily approaching and the city has a full list of activities and events planned in the upcoming months for residents and people visiting Brownsville.

May was a great month as we unveiled a new citywide health initiative, Healthy Moves. We kicked it off with a free event, that was open to the public. Thank you to all of you who showed up, making the first step in creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

The Mayor’s office has been busy the last few weeks preparing a balanced budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. This budget reflects a reduction in spending with an increase in services. We will be announcing some of these new and revised services in the months to come.

This month, I’m excited to announce a new award the Mayor’s office plans to give away each month. Because so many residents are showing pride in their homes, gardens, and yards, we want to recognize you. This month, we are giving away our first “Brownsville is Beautiful Pride” award. One citizen in each ward will be awarded a sign displaying how their home or yard adds to the beauty of the city. This will be a monthly recognition. For more information on the “Brownsville is Beautiful Pride” award contact City Hall.

Also, this month we are focusing on developing more job opportunities. The city is partnering with the town of Stanton and Haywood County to launch a new Career Ready program that will provide more opportunities for job seekers throughout the city and county. We held a kick-off luncheon, June 2. More information about this workforce program will be provided throughout the month.

And speaking of employees, we are recognizing those who work diligently throughout the city. June 12 is Employee Appreciation Day for the city of Brownsville. We will celebrate all of our staff members who contribute their time and efforts to make the city successful. If you see a city employee on this day, thank him or her for their hard work and dedication.

Finally, towards the end of the month we plan to honor a man that shed light on Brownsville’s history. His legacy shows just how far we’ve come as a city. On June 20, we will remember Elbert Williams with a memorial ceremony. The ceremony is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of Williams, a pivotal player in Haywood County’s NAACP movement. Williams is the first NAACP member to be killed for his civil rights activity. The event is being held by the Elbert Williams Memorial Committee. It’s taking place in the Haywood High gym at 9 am. To RSVP for the event call, 731-772-2193.

As always, thank you for your dedication in working with me to ensure the growth of the city. We are doing a lot of exciting things in Brownsville; and we’re doing it by working together.

For those of you visiting or looking to visit Brownsville, stop by City Hall, we’d love to speak with you and give you more information about the wonderful things our city has to offer.

If you have any questions or comments for me, email me at [email protected] or call 731-432-1796.

Mayor Rawls