Mayor Bill Rawls Releases COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Mayor Bill Rawls announces a mitigation plan for the City of Brownsville to further slow the transmission of COVID-19. This plan makes particular reference to city buildings, employees, and services. “We are taking these measures to keep our employees and residents safe,” said Mayor Rawls. “I encourage everyone to do their part by having good hygiene and take the appropriate steps to keep our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers safe.”
Brownsville Mayor Bill Rawls has released that the City of Brownsville will:

• Require that all employees stay home, or they will be sent home, if they exhibit any reported symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough and shortness of breath.
• Continue to adhere to Executive Order No. 1 from the City of Brownsville which includes the closure of all city buildings – City Hall, Brownsville-Haywood County Animal Shelter, West TN Delta Heritage Center, and Elma Ross Public Library – in order to avoid conducting business face-to-face.
• Provide Personal Protective Equipment or PPE for Brownsville-Haywood County Fire Department, Police Department, and Public Works Department.
• Continue to communicate with Haywood County Health Department and report the number of cases and monitor contact tracing.
• Continue to adhere to Governor Lee’s Executive Order No. 23 “Safer-at-Home” and reasonably manage violations and citations.
• Provide hazard pay to public safety employees – one time supplemental compensation for risks incurred on a day-to-day basis to maintain the same level of services.
• Support youth and senior citizen community feeding programs – provided by Haywood County Schools, The Golden Age Center, RIFA, and Southwest Human Resource Agency.
• Maintain close communication with local industries.
• Adhere to Governor Lee’s Executive Order No. 23 as it pertains to essential and non-essential businesses.
• Continue communication with the community.
• Hold city meetings via digital/electronic platforms.