Employment Opportunity – Multifolder Operator

Employment Opportunity – Multifolder Operator


Position: Multifolder Operator

Basic Function: The Multifolder Operator reports to the Converting Manager. The Multifolder Operator is responsible for producing interfolded wipes. The Multifolder Operator must be a quality conscious individual who understands the importance of productivity and product appearance.

Essential Duties:
• Verify all raw materials against product specifications:
• Accurately complete all production reports with information on all raw materials used and all finished goods produced.
• Insure product quality (i.e. size: web variance, cleanliness of wiper, etc.)
• Assist packaging technicians as necessary.
• Keep seconds to minimum. List all seconds on production report.
• Perform routine maintenance on folder. Call Maintenance when necessary.
• Record all downtime on production report.
• Follow safety and factory rules. *Does not leave machine for any reason without approved relief.
• Work overtime as necessary (assigned by Converting Manager).
• Operator will be clocked in and at their machine at 6:00 a.m. (for first shift). Revised 1/25/2010
• Operator will wear designated PPE as required. Revised 2/24/11
• Operator will clean machine as necessary (glue build up, etc) to assure processing of entire rolls.
• If machine is clean and in good working condition, operator will make boxes, apply labels to boxes, move product etc. to insure prompt start up of production at beginning of regular shift.
• If operator’s machine is clean and everything is ready for start up, he/she will assist another operator.

•Mechanical aptitude.
• The multifolder operator must exhibit leadership qualities including:
• Ability to set examples such as meeting all company rules.
• Monitor and assist other members of his/her team.
• Training
• Organize the work in the multifolder area to maximize efficiency.
• Constantly be on the look out for more efficient and effective ways of operating the multifolder/packaging area.
• The multifolder operator must be totally familiar with the product specifications and insure products coming off of his /her lines meet those specifications.
• Mental and manual dexterity: maintain high level of concentration to maintain maximum productivity.
• Visual dexterity too visually inspects units for quality defects.
• Must have general reading and writing aptitude.
• Must be able to lift 50 pounds
• Must be able to do basic math.
• Must have general reading and writing aptitude.
• Consistently meet company rules concerning tardiness, lunch, and break time, etc.
• Ability to follow directions and work well with others.
• Must maintain clean and orderly work area.
• Recognize that in a company as small as IFC, employees will sometimes have to work in different areas of the plant and that the phrase “That’s not my job” is not applicable here. We do what we have to do to get product made and out the door!
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