Mayor Bill Rawls Announces ‘Save our Streets’ Initiative

BROWNSVILLE (Feb. 3, 2015)—Mayor Bill Rawls has joined community leaders to issue a call to end violence in the city with his new anti-violence initiative, “Save Our Streets” or “S.O.S”.

“I’m doing this because it must be done in order to save our future, our community, and our streets,” Mayor Rawls said. “It’s up to us. If not now, then when?”

The ‘Save Our Streets” initiative kicks off this month with a series of collaborated neighborhood watch meetings. The first meeting takes place on Monday Feb. 9, followed by another meeting on Feb. 12.

In addition, S.O.S will include a combination of workshops, events, and other coordinated plans to target crime in several areas throughout the city. S.O.S will use a hands-on approach with youth, residents and community leaders to work together for a safer city.

Mayor Rawls has outlined these steps the city is taking under the initiative.

Mentoring Programs/After-School Activities

The city will work with the local Boys and Girls Club and partner with the National Stop the Violence Campaign to create innovative ideas and events to target crime. In addition, the city will work with TN Promise and the REDI Scholarship Program to provide educational workshops and mentoring.

Coordinated Town-Hall Meetings and Events with City Leaders]

The city will hold a series of town hall meetings in conjunction with neighborhood watch meetings. The city will also work with Family, Career, and Community leaders of America (FCCLA) to assist with marketing and events. Under the initiative, there will also be an advisory board formed to assist in carrying out select programs under the initiative.

“Bridging The Divide” Pilot Program

The city will work with law enforcement to create positive relationships between residents and police. This will include opening a police substation in a targeted area, promoting Crime Stoppers, collaborating with the D.A.R.E program, and holding the first Mayor’s Breakfast with law enforcement and community leaders.

More detailed information about the programs under the initiative will soon follow. Mayor Rawls is available for interviews upon request.